Paschal Greetings (2009-04-17)

Archbishop † SERAPHIM
Paschal Greetings

Dear Brothers, and Sisters in Christ,

I am greeting you all in the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord, God, and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Christ is risen.

It is my prayer that you all may know deeply in your hearts, that you may encounter, and participate in the Love of our God, in our Saviour.  May you all shine brightly with the joy, and the light of the Life-giving Resurrection.  May this joy never fade in your hearts.  May this light of Christ, which illumines all, dispel all darkness, and evil that may try to attack you.  May you live in Him, who is the Truth.  May the weaknesses of human beings never distract you from the True Way of Christ. 

May the Risen Christ bring you all into His Kingdom.

Christ is risen

the unworthy
Archbishop of Ottawa, and of Canada