At the beginning of Great Lent (2010-02-15)

His Eminence Archbishop SERAPHIM's Appeal:
To the faithful believers of the Archdiocese of Canada,
At the beginning of Great Lent 2010

In entering Great Lent, I am asking that you forgive me, the sinner. Please know that I forgive all before being asked, and I hope that by your prayers I can persist in this.

Let us always be careful to pray for one other, and this Great Lent in particular. There are many who are presently facing difficult moments. Let us do our best to help each other keep following Christ well, so that we may both arrive with joy at Pascha, and also in the end be welcomed into the Kingdom.

I am hoping that we will be able by July to produce a current Intercession List for the many who have been asking for this. If you know of any corrections, or additions from the last one, please send them to me now, at or to Lorraine Grier at

With love in Christ,
The Archbishop of Ottawa and of Canada,
The unworthy