Prayers and Help for Haitian Relief (2010-01-12)

His Eminence Archbishop SERAPHIM's Appeal:
Prayers and Help for Haitian Relief

Dear Brothers, and Sisters, of the Archdiocese of Canada,

As you are likely aware by now, His Beatitude, Metropolitan JONAH, following the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti, has not only asked for our prayers for those suffering and departed at this time, but also he has directed the Charity Committee of the Metropolitan Council to send $10,000.00 to the IOCC to administer for Haitian relief. He has also asked that a special collection be taken in parishes on Sunday, 17 January 2010, and be sent directly to the IOCC.

In keeping with His Beatitude's directive, since it is between difficult and impossible for Canadians to send funds directly to charitable organizations based in the United States, I am recommending that any and all parish and individual offerings taken on Sunday be made directly to the Canadian Red Cross. There is, as we know, an immediate need, and the need will exist for some time. Indeed, I would like to recommend that collections be received every Sunday until the end of February, and that what is collected each week be immediately remitted to the Red Cross (rather than waiting for a “crowd-pleasing” amount).

Also, appropriate petitions may be used during Divine Services at this time.

Thanking you all for your Christian response to this situation, I remain in Christ yours,

The Archbishop of Ottawa and of Canada

The unworthy † Seraphim