The Bishops

Orthodox Dioceses in Canada

Greek Orthodox Diocese of Toronto, Canada (COC-EP)
86, Overlea Boulevard (1, Patriarch Bartholomew Way) Toronto, Ontario M4H 1C6 tel: 4164295757
Central Diocese, Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOCC-EP)
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada 9, St Johns Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 1G8 tel: 2043394656
Eastern Diocese, Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOCC-EP)
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada 3281, Cindy Crescent Mississauga, Ontario L4V 3J7 tel: 9052069327
Western Diocese, Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOCC-EP)
Diocese of Eastern Canada and Upstate New York (AOC)
10820, rue la Verdure Montréal, Québec H3L 2L9 tel: 5143884344
Archdiocese of Montréal and Canada (ROCOR-MP)
8011, ave Champagneur Montréal, Québec H3B 2K4 tel: 5142798350
Parishes of the Patriarchate of Moscow (MP)
10812-108 St Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3A6 tel: 7804299945
Diocese of Canada (SP)
7470, McNiven Road Milton, Ontario L0P 1B0 tel: 9058780043
Archdiocese of Canada (OCA)
15, LeBreton Street North, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7H1 tel: 6132337780
Romanian Orthodox Deanery of Canada (ROEA)
Box 4023, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3R9
Romanian Orthodox Deanery of Canada (ROA)
11024-165 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T5X 1X9 tel: 7804567737
Bulgarian Parishes (BOC, OCA)
Albanian Parishes, (EP)
Georgian Parishes, (GP)

The Bishops in/of Canada/Les évêques au/du Canada


-Metropolitan Archbishop of Toronto, Exarch of Canada for the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Sotirios (Athanassoulas), 1974 (GOC-EP)

-Archbishop of Winnipeg, Metropolitan Yurij (Kalistchuk), 1989 (UOCC-EP)

-Bishop of Edmonton, Ilarion (Rudnyk), 2005 (UOCC-EP)

-Bishop of Saskatoon, Andrii (Pesko), 2005 (UOCC-EP)

-Retired Archbishop of Winnipeg, Metropolitan John (Stinka), 1983 (UOCC)

-Bishop of Ottawa, Eastern Canada & Upper New York State, Alexander (Muffarij), 2004 (AOC)

-Archbishop of Montréal and Canada, Gabriel (Chemodakov), 1996 (ROCOR-MP)

-Bishop of Sourozh, and Administrator of Canadian Moscow Patriarchate Parishes, Matthew (Andreev), 2015 (MP)

-Bishop of the USA and Canada Saba (Intskirveli), 2014 (GeOC)

-Bishop of Canada, Mitrofan (Kodić), 2016 (SOC)

-Archbishop of North America, Nicolae (Condrea), 2002 (ROA)

-Bishop of Vicina, Ioan-Casian (Tunaru), 2006 (RODC/RP)

-Bishop of Philomelion, Ilia (Katre), 2002 (Albanian OC)

-Archbishop of Ottawa and Canada, Irénée (Rochon), 2014 (OCA/ÉOA)

-Archbishop of Detroit and the Romanian Episcopate, Nathaniel (Popp), 1980 (OCA/ROEA)

-Archbishop of Toledo and the Bulgarian Diocese, Alexander (Golitzin), 2011 (OCA/BD)

-Retired Archbishop of Ottawa, Lazar (Puhalo), 1990 (OCA)

-Retired Bishop of Vancouver, Varlaam (Novakshonoff), 1994 (OCA)

-Former Archbishop of Ottawa and Canada, Seraphim (Storheim), 1987-2015 (OCA)

Departed Bishops in/of Canada

†Bishop NICHOLAS (Ziorov), (RM), 20 December, 1915 [St Petersburg, Russia]

†Archbishop VLADIMIR (Sokolovsky-Avtonomov), (RM), 27 November, 1931 [Russia]

†Metropolitan PLATON (Rozhdestvensky), 20 April, 1934 [New York, NY]

†Archbishop EVDOKIM (Meshersky), 22 October, 1935 [Russia]

†Metropolitan ALEXANDER (Nemolovsky), 11 April, 1960 [Belgium]

†Bishop APOLLINARY (Koshevoy), 19 June, 1933 [New York, NY]

†Archbishop ARSENY (Chahovtsov), 4 October, 1945 (Confessor) [South Canaan, PA]

†Bishop EMMANUEL (Abo-Hatab), 29 May, 1933 [Brooklyn, NY]

†Metropolitan THEOPHILUS (Pashkovsky), 27 June, 1950 [South Canaan, PA]

†Archbishop JERONIM [Jerome], (Chernov), 14 May, 1957 [Detroit, MI]

†Archbishop JOASAPH (Skorodumov), 26 November, 1955 [Buenos Aires, Argentina]

†Bishop ANTHONY (Tereschenko), 27 September, 1947 [Montréal, QC]

†Archbishop DIMITRY (Magan), 1 April, 1969 [Jackson, NJ]

†Metropolitan LEONTY (Turkevich), 14 May, 1965 [South Canaan, PA]

†Archbishop NIKON (de Grève), 11 June, 1983 [South Canaan, PA]

†Bishop ANATOLY (Apostolov), 26 June, 1976 [Greece]

†Metropolitan IRINEY (Bekish), 18 March, 1981 [South Canaan, PA]

†Bishop JOASAPH (Antoniuk), 18 October, 1978 [Stratford, CT]

†{Metropolitan VLADIMIR (Nagosky), 2 August, 1997 [South Canaan, PA]

†Archbishop SYLVESTER (Haruns), 18 May, 2000 [Rawdon, QC]

†Archbishop PANTELEIMON (Rudyk), 2 October, 1968 (MP) [Edmonton, AB]

†{Archbishop AMPHILOKHY (Vakulsky), 25 January, 1933 [South Canaan, PA]

(Served Alberta parishes including Saint Barbara, approximately 1910-1915)}

†{Archbishop ANTONIN (Pokrovsky), 19 April, 1939 [San Francisco, CA]

(Founder of Holy Resurrection Church, Vancouver, BC)}

†{Archbishop ADAM (Philipovsky), 29 April 1956 (MP), [Philadelphia, PA] (Administrator 1919-1922 in Winnipeg)}

†{Archbishop BENJAMIN (Basalyga), 15 November, 1963 [Pittsburgh, PA]

(As Archimandrite, Administrator 1919-23) (Rector, Holy Trinity, Winnipeg)}

†{Archbishop JOHN (Shahovskoy), 30 May, 1989 [Santa Barbara, CA] (Administrator of the diocese)}

†{Archbishop KIPRIAN (Borisevich), 14 December, 1980 [South Canaan, PA] (Administrator of the diocese)}

†{Archbishop VITALY (Maximenko), 21 March, 1960 [Jordanville, NY] (Administrator of the diocese)}

†Archbishop VALERIAN (Trifa) of Detroit, (ROEA), 27 January, 1987 [Lisbon, Portugal]

†Archbishop IAKOVOS (Coucouzis) of New York (& Toronto), (GOC), 10 April, 2005 [Brookline, MA]

†Metropolitan ATHENAGORAS (Kokkinakis) of Toronto, (GOC), 9 September, 1979 [Great Britain, UK]

†Bishop TIMOTHEOS (Haloftis) of Toronto, (GOC), 21 December, 1971 [Chicago, IL]

†Bishop THEODOSIOS (Sideris) of Toronto, (GOC), 20 April, 1978 [Richmond, VA]

†Metropolitan ILARION (Ohienko), (UOC), 29 March, 1972 [Winnipeg, MB]

†Bishop SAVA (Saracevic) of Edmonton, (ROCOR), 30 January, 1973 [Edmonton, AB]

†Metropolitan MICHAEL (Khoroshy), (UOC), 18 May, 1977 [Toronto, ON]

†Metropolitan ANDREW (Metiuk), (UOC), 3 February, 1985 [Winnipeg, MB]

†Archbishop BORIS (Yakovkevych), (UOC), 24 March, 1984 [Winnipeg, MB]

†Archbishop NICHOLAS (Debryn, (UOC), 1981 [Toronto, ON]

†Archbishop POLICARP (Moruşca), (ROEA), 26 October,1958 [Romania]

†Bishop BOGDAN (Spylka), (UOC/USA), 1965 [New York, NY]

†Metropolitan ANDREY (Kuschak), (UOC/USA), 1987 [New York, NY]

†Metropolitan IRINEJ (Kovačević), (SP), 2 February, 1998, [Third Lake, IL]

†Archbishop VICTORIN (Ursache), (ROAA), 16 July, 2001 [Detroit, MI]

†Metropolitan WASYLY (Fedak), (UOC), 10 January, 2006 [Winnipeg, MB]

†Metropolitan VITALY (Ustinov), (ROCOR), 25 September, 2006 [Mansonville, QC]

†Metropolitan MAKARY (Svistun), (MP-U), 2007 [Ukraine]

†Metropolitan NICHOLAS (Smisko), (CR-EP), 13 March, 2011 [Perth Amboy, NJ]

Canadian Orthodox History Project

For many years Vladyka Seraphim has been collecting information about the Orthodox bishops who have served in Canada.
The greater part of this work may be found on the website: Canadian Orthodox History Project.
Please click this link to see this extensive work.