Please find here various liturgical texts and music created/updated by Archbishop Seraphim, together with contributions by other faithful people.


The Requiem Service

The following PDF text was prepared in the Slavonic and English languages by the Archpriest Andrey Somow (the retired rector of the Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor) and the subdeacon Michael Ivanov. It was used for the funeral of Father Andrey Somow. The Slavonic in the Russian alphabet is on the left side of the page.
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Funeral Services Introduction

Burial Services over Orthodox Lay-Persons

Burial Service over an Infant or a Young Child

Burial Services over a Monk

Burial Services over a Presbyter or over a Bishop

Burial Service over One who is not an Orthodox Christian

Litiya (Trisagion) for the Dead

Panikhida for Adult Faithful

Panikhida for an Infant or a Child

Panikhida for One who is not an Orthodox Christian